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How long the life of a vertical garden?

The vertical gardens may have long years of healthy life due to their strong infrastructure. The maintenance programs are the main point of this subject.  Because, there are some examples in abroad that are living in a healthy way for 20 to 25 years under professional vertical gardening care.

I want to have a vertical garden but I do not have a proper wall. Is it possible for me to have one?

If you do not have an available wall or the present wall is not proper for this job, then we will offer some other engineering solutions.

Will my wall get any harm due to humidity or water?

Your wall is insulated with PVC panels over the surface of it in a vertical garden application and hence, your wall will be prevented against any harm due to water or humidity.

Is there a limitation of height or width for a vertical gardening application?

The vertical gardens may be applied in all desired dimensions.

If I get bored from the application of vertical gardening, is it possible to make a change in form or do I have to change it completely?

It is possible to make local or general changes in applied design. There is no need to change the system completely. Hence, no great costs will arise to make a change. Only some geotextile or replant will suffice.

Is it possible to place some logo, emblem, special fonts, or formats to the design applied?

Yes, it is possible with a plantation technique that is applied only in Silvanus Vertical Garden Systems. The logos, emblems, fonts, or forms that will be requested by you may be reflected to the outdoor vertical gardening systems.

What is the general purpose of vertical gardening systems?

Vertical gardens serve too many purposes beginning from contributing to the natural life. Vertical gardening may be applied to reflect the environmentalist image of corporate firms for advertising, to contribute to the LEED certification of new buildings, to shield the undesirable views, and to have complete aesthetic view or only for hobby purposes.

What kinds of plants are used in vertical gardening systems? Is it possible to use seasonal plants?

In vertical gardening applications, the plants that are convenient for hydroponic culture and that are experienced for years are chosen in accordance with the project. In general, the plants that are creeping, that are sprawling, or the short bushes are preferred. It is also possible to use seasonal plants or to replant them with the new ones.

What are automatic irrigation and fertilizing systems for vertical gardening and how do they operate?

These are the systems that carry water and nutrients needed by the plants of vertical gardening to the roots of them. They are professional systems that are remotely operable, full automatic, having filtration and ionizer units, and having warning units.

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