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Modular Vertical Garden

The modular vertical garden is a practical solution that is provided by Silvanus Vertical Gardens and it is movable to each side and compact with its integrated irrigation and …

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Indoor Vertical Gardens

Indoor Vertical Garden applications are created with tropical plants and provide significant changes in ambiance and appeal of the location.

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Outdoor Vertical Gardens

Outdoor vertical gardens are provided with flexible dimensions having various forms and architecture upon request. Besides that, the forms, logos, and fonts that …

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Vertical Garden

Our firm operates in the field of Vertical Gardens by designing, establishing, and providing maintenance to them and we are the first expert of those works. We have already succeeded to establish sustainable vertical gardens since we have been established.

We especially design our vertical gardens customer specific and since our artworks are unique, we proud of our projects that are popular with their unique beauty.


Vertical Garden vaporizes the water and cools the environment.


There are physical and mental health effects of a wall having live plants over it.


The most striking economic benefit of a Silvanus Vertical Garden System is its potential to increase 20% the value of a house or the value of any commercial real estate.

Energy Saving

Any object that is under radiation of sun naturally gets hot. This is also true for our buildings and the studies made abroad has revealed that the vertical gardens over the walls keep inside of the wall as calm as to 10 degrees by absorbing the UV radiation of the sun.

Why do we preferred?


We have specialized with the advantages and disadvantages of being the first firm in the vertical garden sector. We have developed patented products and techniques by hammering away since we have been established and we have been granted the best awards of this sector.The main reason for Silvanus to be preferred is the vitality of our gardens since their first establishment dates as if they are new.

Our company is the only firm that can provide sales after maintenance for vertical gardens throughout Turkey.

Our maintenance and care teams work separate from implementation teams. They have their own vehicles, tools and equipments and periodically make maintenance and care of all our vertical gardens throughout Turkey.

Our gardens are designed and implemented with latest Technologies like sensors detecting electricity and water breaks, automatic fertilizer systems, appliances providing pressure regulation, irrigation systems with timers.

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